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Things They Don't Teach You in School 

eBook Series 

Throughout your educational journey, you rigorously studied geometry and calculus but very little about taxes, personal finance, retirement, or business success. Furthermore, in a recent survey conducted by Standard & Poor’s, only 57% of United States adults are financially literate. Compare this percentage to our neighbors and allies, Canada is at 68%, the United Kingdom is at 67%, and Australia is at 64%. 1 

Most financial discussions start with a frank conversation at home. If you decide to put your "teacher" hat on, we've pulled together our knowledge and resources to provide you with a FREE series on topics your homeroom teacher overlooked in school. 

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"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Here is your shot at making the most of your money. 

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To improve the quality of life of our clients, team, and community. Exclusive service with big firm expertise, we offer business owners in Fresno and throughout California holistic CPA services. We are your team of CPAs, accountants, tax managers, and business advisors.


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