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Improving the quality of life of our team, clients, and community.

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Ashley Chapman

Executive Administrative Professional

Providing A Thorough Customer Experience 

Ashley is an avid reader and made a fascinating connection when joining our team. “Accounting is like storytelling; it has elements of a narrative. You are reading the setting of someone’s business in bookkeeping, the plot of a business unfolds in their balance sheet, and their tax return is the resolution. Some businesses have fairy tale endings and, like some books, some businesses will keep you guessing or on a cliffhanger.” Ashley enjoys these elements and is keen on helping clients run their business and tell their stories. 


From a kids' soccer coach to an intern at the Fresno PD’s Homicide Unit to a Medical biller, none of these job titles seem to have anything in common, but they do for Ashley. They all required communication in a team environment. She learned the value a single person can offer to the job at hand. “We can get a job done on our own, but when we have the resources to utilize someone else abilities, it can accomplish more than we could have ever hoped for.”


Ashley actively supports the Fresno community. She volunteers at Cross City in their nursery and high school sophomore girls' group in her spare time.


Business Administration related to Tax and Accounting

Fun Fact

I went to India on a mission trip.

“I have lived a thousand lives and loved a thousand loves. I’ve walked on distant worlds and seen the end of time. Because I have read.” - George R. R. Martin



Improving the quality of life of our clients, team, and community.

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