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The Garabedian Group was featured in The Business Journal's Profiles in Business publication. Check out our feature and the well-rounded experience working with the TGG team.

Our History

The Garabedian Group’s history has been shaped by Dale Garabedian’s philosophy about how a CPA firm should function. Gone are the outrageous hours employees worked in CPA firms of the past. Unproductive employee presenteeism, and once a year, client visits to discuss taxes would no longer be the norm. Another reform came in the form of upfront pricing for clients to feel free to proactively seek advice and discuss any business issue without the fear of unknown hourly billing or a ticking time clock.

“We wanted a balanced work-life and to create long-term relationships with our clientele. Step by step, we made changes, and over time, our vision became a reality.” Dale Garabedian 

On June 1, 2009, The Garabedian Group, Inc. was founded by Dale J. Garabedian. 

Experience Counts. Results Matter.


 Our firm has recognized experience working with small to mid-sized clients. When evaluating your business, we will consider every facet of your financial, professional, and personal goals.  

Your business is one of your most important financial assets. 

We are honored to be named "Best Accounting Firm" by The Business Journal's annual Best of Central Valley Business award ceremony. Thank you to our team, clients, and everyone in the community for supporting us! 

Our Culture

In late 2012 The Garabedian Group, Inc. was the first accounting firm to go ROWE™ (Results Only Work Environment™). Results Only Work Environment™ (ROWE™) is a management strategy where employees are evaluated on performance, not presence. ROWE™ has changed the entire dynamic of our office. Everyone is enjoying the freedom of autonomy and accountability while continuing to produce stellar results. It works, it is fun, and we are much more balanced in our work and personal lives.

With ROWE™

Teamwork, morale and engagement soar, which leads to fewer workers feeling overworked, stressed out or guilty. Employees have equal parts autonomy and accountability. There is no judgment on how people spend their time, so people at all levels stop wasting the company's time and money. ​

Bottom Line for our Company:

  • Increase productivity, innovation, and efficiency ​

  • Improved talent attraction and retention

  • Optimization of space 

  • Elimination of wasteful processes 



Improving the quality of life of our clients, team, and community.