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Business Advisory Services in Fresno, Ca

Our Process

We listen to you. Business advisory should be broadly diversified, carry fair fees, and follow a long term orientation consistent with personal and business growth goals. From helping with proper entity selection to complete transaction processing and cash flow management, we act as your partner to ensure your success.

“It is much easier to prevent a problem from happening than to fix one that could have prevented.”
— Lauren Garabedian Ruff

Succession Planning

Multi-Generational Succession Planning

Here is one piece of advice that most family-owned business owners tend to skip when discussing succession planning, despite helping business operations function smoother down the road:


"Not only do you need to plan for your absence, but also plan for the absence of other key people in your business."

You have worked hard on building your business, and we understand you want your future generation to carry out your legacy, all while reducing your tax burden when transitioning. With our team of Certified Public Accountants, we stand beside you to assist in making difficult succession planning decisions that change the transfer of your business legacy to the next generation successfully.


Let us help you pass on what you worked so hard to build.

  • Business Valuation

  • Business Restructuring

  • Transaction Analysis

  • Transfer Business Tax Projections

  • Retirement Projections

  • Family Planning

  • Coordination of Key Advisors and Restructuring

  • Estate and Trust Administration

  • Family Business and Governance

  • Buy-Sell Agreements

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Asset Protection

Business Formation

Business Formation

Before you leap into your new venture, the choice of entity is a crucial decision with potential tax and legal implications. In concert with a trusted legal advisor, we can guide you through the common pitfalls and obstacles that come with starting your business. 

  • Entity Selection

  • Entity Reorganization

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Multi-Entity Tax Management

  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation

  • Capital Management

  • Accounting Software Selection and Evaluation

  • Establish billing and collection procedures to maximize cash flow

Cost Segregation Study

Cost Segregation Study

A Cost Segregation Study is a highly beneficial and widely accepted tax planning strategy utilized by savvy real estate investors and business owners to accelerate depreciation on their assets by reclassifying the Personal Property from Real Property. This reduces your tax liability, yielding immediate tax savings and improved cash flow.

Cost Segregation Study Services
Cost Segregation Study Services
We take the time and effort to discuss with you every step of your business life stage. As you partner with us, we guide you to achieving the business results you desire.


Improving the quality of life of our clients, team, and community.