Facility Designs

"I feel my business is a valued client of the the firm. I am able to reach Dale on the phone and not be put into voice male every time. I have an increased level of trust with TGG not only as a CPA but as a business consultant."

-Kay Garabedian - Facility Designs, Principal

Fresno Coin Gallery

"Thanks to the Garabedian Group out business has enjoyed significant refund checks from the state because of their expertise to identify and capture Enterprise Tax Zone credits. [Also], TGG has the ability to handle a variety of projects from helping to add up our monthly sales and make us more appealing to investors."

-Michelle Page - Fresno Coin Gallery, Chief Administrative Officer

Fresno Coin Gallery

"Dale and Aaron have been thorough, innovative and professional. I enjoy excellent communication with The Garabedian Group. They have inspired confidence and trust. I know enjoy my relationship with my CPA firm."

-Stephen J Foster - Fresno Coin Gallery, Owner and Vice President

"I feel that the Garabedian Group wants to be more involved and proactive on what is going on in my business. We meet quarterly and discuss what is going on in my business. I have more confidence that things are being done correctly with TGG. I also feel like Dale and his team actually care about myself and my business."

-Mark Byrnes - Byrnes Construction Inc., President

Valley Truck Parts

"I always feel I have the ability to call Dale and discuss any tax or estate related questions and he takes the time to explain the pros and cons of the situations."

-Larry Garabedian - Valley Truck Parts, Fresno, CA, Plant Manager

BCT Consulting

"TGG gave us the tools to get to the next level in our business. Their expertise, professionalism and ability to understand our needs have made them an integral part of our team. TGG understands our business and helped us to reach out goals of growth and success. They have allowed us to focus on what we know best… technology."

-Chris Rawn - BCT Consulting, Operations Manager

"As a new business I had a lot of ideas but was unsure exactly how to implement them. TGG was extremely helpful in getting me organized and provided a great amount of constructive advice. They also took the extra time to get to know my personal objectives and life goals. As a result of TGG, my office has an efficient and streamlines billing and accounting system. I have been so happy with my decision to partner with the Garabedian Group."

-Tyler H. Lester, Attorney at Law

"Dale Garabedian was always able to personally support me with sound business advice as my business grew and conditions rapidly changes."

-Walter Hekimian - Team Rehab, Inc., CEO

Facility Designs

"The Garabedian Group provides one on one, personal communication and help in a timely manner. We feel like we are a part of their team and they are there when we need them. In our business and personal tax situations, we never worry about mistakes being made or false information being passed along to us. We completely enjoy out working relationship and partnership with The Garabedian Group."

-Suzanne Byrnes - Facility Designs, Principal

BCT Consulting

"We have seen a tremendous increase in profitability since engaging the Garabedian Group. This was due to the ability of their team to analyses and provide results to allow us to change operating procedures based on their recommendations. As our accounting records became more organized, we were able to see where we needed to improve (cut costs, increase revenue, etc.)"

-Eric Rawn - BCT Consulting, CEO