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SafeSend Returns

The Garabedian Group offers electronic tax return delivery through SafeSend Returns, providing our clients with a simple, easy-to-use process for securely reviewing and e-signing their tax documents.

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Printers, pens, stamps, envelopes … In this age of technology, there’s a lot that just isn’t necessary to sign your tax return. If your life can be easier, why shouldn’t it be? To enhance the service we provide our clients, The Garabedian Group has automated the individual, business, and trust return process with SafeSend Returns™ technology. You can take care of the delivery, review, and signature of your federal and state tax returns from the convenience of your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Electronic Tax Return Delivery Process

Clients who use SafeSend Returns will be able to:


  1. Electronically sign, save, and print their tax documents.

  2. Have a live link to their tax documents for up to three years.

  3. Electronically access their payment vouchers and receive email reminders of payments due.

  4. Forward their tax documents to bankers and other professional advisors through a secure email link.

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SafeSend Returns Process

Clients will be able to complete the following process using either their computer, smartphone, or tablet:


  1. The client will receive an email from SafeSend Returns with a unique and secure access link when their tax documents are ready for review. The Garabedian Group's firm name will be included in the email.

  2. Once they click on the access link, the client will be asked to complete an identity verification process through the SafeSend Returns platform.

  3. After they have verified their identity, SafeSend Returns will walk the client through the review and e-sign process with step-by-step instructions.

  4. The client will be able to download and save their files once they have reviewed them.

  5. (Documents that are downloaded as a zip file cannot typically be opened by smartphones or tablets.)

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (559) 472-7370. Additional help and resources are also available through the SafeSend Returns Help Center.


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