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2019 Tax Deadlines

Paying your taxes is a lot easier when you know when they are due. Here is a snapshot view of 2019 Tax Deadlines.

January 15th Final Estimated Quarterly Payment for 2018 due

If you make estimated quarterly tax payments, your last payment for the fiscal year of 2018 is due.

January 31st Deadline for Filing W-2 Forms for Employees

W-2s must be filed with the IRS and delivered to employees by January 31st. This deadline has only been in place since the 2016 filing year, don’t let it creep up on you.

January 31st Deadline for Filing 1099 MISC for Independent Contractors

If your business receives services from independent contractors, you must prepare and deliver 1099 forms to the IRS and each independent contractor.

March 15th Tax Returns Due for S-Corporations and Partnerships

Today is the day when all S-Corporation returns (1120-S) and Partnership returns (1065) are due. Remember that S-corps and partnerships pay no tax at the federal level. All income earned by S-Corporations and partnerships passes through to the owners of the entities who pay income tax at the individual level.

April 15th Individual and Corporate Tax Returns Deadline

This is the big one! All individual and C-corporations tax returns are due on this day. This deadline also pertains to sole proprietors filing Schedule C on their returns. If you’re going to file an extension, this is the last day to do it. *Remember: A tax return is an extension of time to file your tax return and not an extension of time to pay any balances due.

April 15th Estimated Quarterly Payment Deadline

Don’t forget to pay your first estimated quarterly tax payment of 2019.

June 17th Estimated Quarterly Payment Due

Your second estimated payment of the year is due.

September 16th Estimated Quarterly Payment Due

Your third estimated payment of the year is due. *Fun Fact: There are no estimates due to FTB (CA) in September. California does not require a 3rd estimated payment, only the IRS.

November End-of-Year Tax Planning

This month is the optimal time to make tax moves to save money, reduce the tax burden, and grow your business. Your CPA should plan with you the last couple of months to maximize benefits for your business.

December 31st Deadline for End-of-Year Tax Plans

Today is the last day to finalize any year-end tax moves to save your business money. Don’t miss it!

This list covers most dates relevant to most businesses. Work with your CPA to ensure that you’re always on schedule and avoid any penalties, fees, interest.


"Punctuality is the first step towards success." ~Nishtunishaa

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