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Improving the quality of life of our team, clients, and community.

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Pam Holliday, EA

Business Advisor

Monumental Milestones 


Pam is an ambitious professional who defied the conventional norms and built an impressive career in tax, accounting, and payroll. Embracing every opportunity, Pam’s strong pursuit of knowledge led to her monumental level of expertise.


Pam began her professional career early in her life, starting as a bank teller. Then, she worked in public accounting for 13 years, where she began her background in accounting. In pursuit of a more rounded experience, Pam branched into private accounting and focused her skills in the Construction sector. At Bratton Masonry Inc., she was introduced to Union Payroll and Prevailing Wage Jobs. Pam not only bolstered her accounting expertise but also broadened her knowledge across the construction industry, spanning from masonry, house building, electrical trades, property acquisition, collaboration with lending institutions, and navigating complexities related to construction loans, mortgages, refinancing, and beyond. 


In 2019, Pam obtained her Enrolled Agents License from the Department of Treasury and is a member of CalCPA and PayrollOrg. 


In 2017, an up-and-coming tech startup scouted Pam to join their forces in revitalizing downtown Fresno with technology-based solutions. There, she opened herself to the tech industry and helped expand the business in different states. We are happy to have Pam and her wealth of knowledge in our firm!


Business Advisory




Fun Fact

If Pam could have any superpower in the world, it would be zapping the full knowledge of bookkeeping into any entrepreneur.



Improving the quality of life of our clients, team, and community.

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