3 Facts About The New Child Tax Credit

June 29, 2018

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Paying your taxes is a lot easier when you know when they are due. Here is a snapshot view of 2019 Tax Deadlines. 

January 15th Final Estimated Quarterly Payment for 2018 due

If you make estimated quarterly tax payments, your last payment for the fiscal year of 2018 is d...

Let’s get one thing straight; Turbo Tax is a horrible video game. What value can a box give you? Can it tell you how much money you need to move to your IRA to lower your tax liability? As you make more money now, your tax return becomes more complicated in the future....

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed 3 crucial parts of the child tax credit. It expanded the terms of eligibility, amount credited, and a refundable portion to benefit the middle to high-income taxpayers.

How long do you keep your tax documents? What documents or receipts do you need to keep? How long should you keep tax records.

December 1, 2017

In Part 1 of the blog series we briefly discussed how the IRS can partner with you to help preserve and build your wealth. As you know a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. The IRC Section 1031 allows you to defer your taxable gain to a later day. Meanin...

October 2, 2017

One of the most important things to know about a 401K plan is that the money you put in your 401K is before taxes. Contributions taken from your paycheck, before taxes are deducted, will lower the income you have to pay taxes on. 

Alright, let's think about how this aff...

September 6, 2017

Do you have real estate you wish to sell?  Are you concerned about Uncle Sam knocking on your door wanting to collect a tax bill after you sell your property? 

You are not alone, many people are afraid of the IRS, but don’t worry you do not have to! There is a spec...

July 28, 2017

As the summer months roll around I imagine the last thing on your minds is your taxes. Below is a list of reasons why you would want to consider performing a mid year tax projection. A mid year tax projection is a great way to determine what your tax liability will be...

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January 14, 2019

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