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At The Garabedian Group, we work to provide a welcoming environment where you can develop as a professional, further your career, and enjoy coming to work every day.


We have a singular approach to serving our clients and also advancing the people in our practice. The Garabedian Group's entrepreneurial culture embraces innovation but is rooted in the tradition of client service. ​

At The Garabedian Group, you get the opportunity to take on challenging projects and interact with clients on a daily basis.


Working for The Garabedian Group provides you with the unique opportunity to work with a client from start to finish and to see a project through from beginning to end. ​

If you are interested in joining our team, please email your cover letter, resume, and references to

More on ROWE 

Results-Only Work Environment™, also known as ROWE™, is where employees are paid for results, rather than the number of hours worked. It is a human resource management strategy co-created by Jody Thompson and Cali Ressler. To create a more high-performance work culture for your business; ROWE™ is the strategy that will grow your business and improve the quality of life of your team, clients, and community. 

The Garabedian Group was the first accounting firm in the world to apply ROWE™ to our business culture. We went through ROWE™ training in 2011 and implemented ROWE™ in late 2012. We wanted to achieve our business goals and personal dreams. We were determined to change the way we got work done. Many times accounting culture is giving all of your time to the company, and working long hours. However, we believe that kind of work environment is not improving the quality of life of the individual. Therefore, we decided to revolutionize the way the accounting industry operates and go ROWE™. 


Our goals for establishing ROWE™ in our company's culture was to:

  1. Focus on autonomy and accountability 

  2. Provide sustainable growth 

  3. Offer our staff and leadership the freedom to live their life as they please and use that power to serve our clients


The most common challenge for us was presenteeism, sludge, distrust, and engagement. Although we did keep strong client relationships and exceptional customer service, there was a disconnect between value pricing and how we operated. The problem was communicating how value pricing helps the client and the employees, so we created a direct tie to what the TGG goals were and how we can achieve them with ROWE™. 


Today we have more alignment of our resources and everyone is working as a team with a shared vision. You would think our productivity would go down, but it skyrocketed. Our most precious commodity is time and making the team's time theirs motivates them to stay more focused as they are being held accountable to only results. And with a more focused team, our profitability continues to grow. Our motto is if we make our clients happy, and the team is healthy, the money will flow. And it is.


"There is more to life than just money. Are we improving the quality of life for our clients and for our team? Measuring by dollars and cents is one metric, but not our only metric."~Dale J. Garabedian


Everyone at TGG knows what is expected of them. The goals and guidelines are clear and everyone holds each other accountable. The customer service is always excellent, granted customers may not be getting a different experience our ROWE™ culture has improved the lives of our team. 

Accountants. Consultants. Advisors.

Improving the quality of life of our clients, team, and community.




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