Sonja Fabbian

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Sonja works in many capacities at TGG, but her true passion is found in helping business owners and individuals recognize personal and professional success far beyond what they thought was possible. Her expertise is rooted in her extensive background in working with a variety of clients alongside Dale Garabedian, the principal at TGG.

Sonja recently completed an in depth 2 year course offered by RAN ONE, a leading global accounting association & consultancy, where she earned the title of Master Advisor. She was also integral in creating TGG's Thriving Business Leaders Experience launched in January of 2013. The program is built around the idea that anyone who wants to have a thriving business and life can do so, and that a shift in thinking can transform our businesses and our lives in profound ways.

As a Quickbooks ProAdvisor for well over 10 years, she has been instrumental in assisting business owners understand their financial environment and provided them with tools to measure their progress toward their economic and personal goals. Sonja has been involved with many businesses helping to create a business model that enables the efficient operations and profitable venture.

Sonja earned her degree in Business Administration, concentration in consumerism, from California State University, Fresno.


  • Fresno State University
    • Bachelor of Science
    • Business Administration


  • QuickBooks ProAdvisor