Dale Garabedian, CPA, CGMA

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Education: Fresno State University, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration,  Accountancy

Family: Happily married to Kandy and I am able to work with my two wonderful children at TGG. 

What did you do before the Garabedian Group? Accounting Profession for 37 years, 28 years at Abaci & Garabedian as managing partner.

What qualities does it take to work at an accounting firm and what can you tell me about the team that works under you? The most important quality to possess in working for an accounting firm is to be able to interact, respect and listen to our clients and team members. Clients respect accountants that can listen to their problems or issues and then collaborate with them on a solution. To truly be an advisor you must first be able to listen. The team at TGG is great. Everyone is excited to be a part of TGG. There is energy, laughter and fun while still serving our clients. We truly are improving the lives or our clients and team members daily.

What’s the most rewarding part of what you do? The daily communication with clients and team members are what keeps me coming back. Sometimes that communication is not pleasant, but most times it is. Either way communicating with everyone is wonderful.

What innovations in the accounting world are you most excited about in the accounting profession? There are new things everyday; paperless offices, new technology, new IRS regulations, new financial statement trends, etc. The profession is ever changing and to be on the cutting edge you need to keep up. I believe TGG is on that cutting edge.

What do you feel you have accomplished and what would you still like to accomplish in life? With the help of the team here at TGG we have grown an environment that is able to greatly serve our clients at the highest level of competence while preserving the quality of life for our team members. My goal is to continue down the path we are on at TGG and have a business that is sustainable well after I am retired and playing a round of golf a day.

What got you interested in becoming an accountant? I was a business major in college, was able to obtain a internship with an accounting firm, loved the work and the client interaction. I enjoyed helping clients with their needs.

What was your first job and what did you learn from it? Staking grape trays at a raisin dehydrator. I learned I did not want to do that job for very long. I did learn, however, that working hard and earning a living is very satisfying.

What are your roots in the San Joaquin Valley? I was born and raised here and am a second generation. I attended school here from Kindergarten through high school and graduated from Fresno State. Most of my immediate family is still here in the San Joaquin Valley.

What do you do in your spare time? I enjoy golfing, reading, snow skiing, fishing, and rideing Harleys.